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Pump Action

It might be a new pub, but Halifax's latest revives the name of a well-loved old favourite .

The PumpRoom Micro pub, situated in an old Army recruitment office on Northgate, just across from the bus station, takes its name from the recently demolished old pub on New Road. This was a firm favourite with the real ale drinkers of Halifax for many years, being a regular port of call before and after the football when it was run by Eddie Geater. It had originally been called the Druid's Arms, and then was re-named the Overdraught when it became part of Jim Wright's TFC empire back in the 80's. It was a dependable source for a pint of great beer for many years, although it sadly declined to a shadow of its former self before closing. 

Some of the artefacts, including a door from the old pub have been incorporated into the new place. and the new PumpRoom is a stylish one room micro pub, but with a cavernous cellar.

There are 6 hand pumps, which this weekend have featured some great beers from the likes of Cross Bay, Vocation, Mallinsons, and Millstone. All the beers I have tried when I have popped in have been in tip top condition. Landlord Tony - who amongst other things has been a bus driver - is a real ale enthusiast who used to brew his own and may use some of the space downstairs to do it again for the pub. 

Behind the bar are glass panels with 4 shelves, the lower 3 hosting the barrels of ale whilst the top shelf has the real cider. Because of the weight involved, there is a pulley system and pull-out drawer-like runners for each of the the barrels to make them easier to move.

It features subdued lighting and is very tastefully done out with several quirky features, conversation holds sway, and there is a very chilled vibe to the place. Unlike a lot of micros, spirits are available but seemed to be aimed at the discerning punter with the likes of Laphroiag and Edinburgh Gin on the shelf. Like me, there are lots of people who have just popped in for a pint and then come back again. Indeed, I met a guy from Hawarden in North Wales on Friday who was staying in Halifax for the weekend, and when I went back in on Saturday he turned up again!

It is a very welcome addition to the Halifax real ale scene and with this and the Grayston Unity two minutes walk away it means there are two cracking places for beer in a part of town that was previously a beer desert. 

So, whether you are waiting for a bus, or heading off for a meal at many of the close-by eateries, or off to see a film, you now have another option where you can have a decent drink. I offer Tony and his wife Julie my congratulations on opening up a superb little pub, and wish them all the best for the future....

The PumpRoom Micropub, 33 Northgate, Halifax HX1 1UR


  1. Going to try and get there asap. Sounds like a good spot. As I've said many times before.... The more places like us and Grayston and Victorian and Market and now the pump room that open and more importantly stay open the better. I wish Tony and Julie all the best and look forward to meeting them soon.

  2. Totally agree, Hugh, the beer scene in Halifax has picked up considerably in Halifax thanks to guys like yourself!


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